it might be said, are based on signs, but these signs do not directly evoke things.

Ah Farid! How I wish I was just able to translate what you just told me, How I miss you, fafar, Ghazal, Roham and my dear instant doubling friend in Tehran,[the experience of self-destruction an image of whom I’ve never seen or talked to.] How I miss Khorshid in Sohrevardi street. I would say; we are the 7 wonders. To make it short: [You guys still check on me when I cry.] in 10 years I’ve never had anyone to check on me [in west] when I cry. let me strain the custard in to a bowl by translating your words in to a beautifull english language world, […] so that we can all taste something sweet, we all need some sugar in here as my blood pressure is on the floor tonight.
[Mom and Dad are divorcing after all these years,[…] eventualy
[I said; I’ve isolted myself making art. Farid said; so? you are a lunatic crazy girl, then he continues; people come, injure you and take away your wound with themselves as well.]
Just came to my mom’s, She has cooked me some lentil soup, Mom is the only creature who acknowledged It’s been a long time that I don’t eat meat anymore.
the fact that I’m sleeping in my jean, woolen hat and my gloves says Los Angeles is so cold. My fingers are freezing.
back ground music ~ Philip Glass – Methamorphosis
ps; it might be said, are based on signs, but these signs do not directly evoke things.  “Ferdinand de Saussure”

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You don't know me from the wind you never will, you never did

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