I see unicorn everywhere

…the same way I walk in the sidewalk everyday, the old lady, the jungle behind this huge complex, the coyotes, those who are walking  with dogs…Sometimes I feel I’m so lucky for having a cat not that I don’t like dogs but for if I had a dog I could have never walked him in my pajamas, Imagine if I were your neighbour then every morning  you would have to see a female version of a [Gigolo] escorting her dog while passing by you. The more I look the more I reflect on the fact that no one really walks in Los Angeles except for homeless people, Tourists and those who has dogs.
[…] For instance I’m burning while I’m walking, […] so if you don’t see the fire and the coal you think there is no fire? […] just because you don’t see the trace, […] the trace that you are not able to see, […] what if I’m walking and burning ,[…] how far you can ignore the fire? […] how many ashes on the sidewalk been disappeared? […] or let’s imagine a few thousand ashes on the bridge  being disappeared (everyday), […] how many unicorns on cupcakes you have ignored? […] or even ask yourself will those traces ever disappear? […] so I’m burning again. […]
I smell fire.
[The Unicorn is green.]


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