I remember


I remember
[A voice in darkness];
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
[Hera standing in absolute darkness]
I remember Hera was wearing a ripped jean, with a T-shirt, I could see David Bowie and his corn on her T-Shirt. The spot light was appearing right on Hera.
I remember the moment she escaped the spotlight she was running right toward my seat I looked back to the crowed behind me, I was ready to scape I remember a 12 year old girl seating right in front of Zeus.
I remember a blue light appeared with a cow, lion and a peacock, Hera was I remember from where I was seated I could view 3 Heras all three in their ripped jeans 2 in David Bowie’s T-Shirt the other one in a blue T-shirt with a different image, I could read a text in Farsi. On the third Hera it was Witten Parishanam. I remember all 3 Heras were worshiping the cow and the lion and the peacock in their ripped jeans and their expensive T-shirts.
I remember;
[They were all singing while worshiping, beheading to the video projection and with their back on the audience.]
I remember them singing;
[Hera, Hera where have you been?]
I remember all the desserts in the middle of nowhere as real as it was like a long skirt spreading out to the eternity.
I remember all the narrow alleys those tall walls all the windows, I still I remember the sound of all the noon’s prayers passing by my window the smell of my morning bread.
I remember the hot autumn wind in Valiasr Street while I was walking to the school, The back yard were we had our circle. I remember the steps taking me to the second floor to my writing class I remember the smell of retained in all the platues where we had to act on stage as someone else. I remember destroying the play by being myself.
I remember the darkness in that classroom I remember all of us while practicing Naked eyes I remember the bird fallen dawn from her nest and not knowing her way back home, I remember the moment I almost forgot my name I remember when my eyes were closed.
I remember the hospital I was born I remember my desire to escape the scene , my last coffee with him.
[We are in Tehran]
He said; tomorrow when I wake up I’m not going to be there to have a coffee with him again.
I remember the fifth floor where we were trying to publish our first book together from where we could hear azan every morning and all the noon. I remember the taxi and the taxi driver in valiasr crossroad I remember all the strangers seating next to me, I remember all the shifts all the ups and dawns all the melancholy
Farms. I remember the tornado when all was escaping and I was
Still cohered to the floor so committed so hard so heavy so intense
To see the Tornado coming toward my eyes, I remember you were yelling at me in the theater repeating run, run you might get yourself in trouble.
I remember the stage I might have been died might have been united I was becoming the unicorn with the power of nature I remember I was not killed I was not destroyed, I remember the brick town in Tehran city center I remember the day we went to Zahirodoleh to buy paper I remember the room we were both High on those red papers I remember the Halva the grave the smell of death the moment grand ma died all I don’t remember anymore I remember all the long texts I remember you eyes Straight in to mine, .I remember myself transforming in to in to my eyes I remember you on fever I remember your room
Those lights.


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