from the very be·gin·ning Adam was happy and Eve was sad

Doctor; May I have a cigarette?
Why do you look so sad?

woman; And why do you look so happy?

Doctor; It’s a pleasure to fall down with an attractive woman,
You know I fell and found strange things here roots, bushes
Has it ever accrued to you?
That plants can feel,know even comprehend 
The trees, this hazel nut bush 

woman; This is the elder tree it doesn’t matter

Doctor; They don’t run about like us 
Who are rushing,fussing uttering banalities 
That’s because we don’t trust nature that is inside of us
Always this suspiciousness haste and no time to stop and think

Woman; Look you seem to be a bit…

Doctor; No,no,no… it’s no problem for me I am a doctor

Woman; And what about number 6?

Doctor; Chekhov had made it all up
Come to tomshino sometime, 
We often have a good time there

Woman; You’ve got blood

Doctor; Where?

Woman; Behind your ear…

Andrei Tarkovsky,mirror,scene 2

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